Handcrafted Candles (re-purposed containers for environmental sustainability, of course!)


Handcrafted items are positive in many ways.  There’s the opportunity for handcrafted products to be individualized, one-of-a-kind.  Handcrafted items from small-scale artisans offer income for individuals in an economically sustainable manner.

In the case of homemade candles from Burkhardt at Home, candles are in re-purposed glass packaging that are put to re-use after the original contents of the packaging have been consumed.  Thus, the life span of consumer packaging is extended (i.e., supporting environmental sustainability).

The shape, size, and even color of Burkhardt at Home candles change of time depending upon which re-purposed glass packaging has served its’ first (or second, etc.) intended purpose – offering variety (rather than a boring sameness!).  

Place your order today for a five-pack of candles.