Olive Oil Soap


Olive oil soap made from scratch (cold process method) in the historic down-through-the-millenia tradition of Castile soap.  After you read about my quality, natural and gentle soap – which is vegan and not tested on animals – order here.  Show your love – send gift sets of homemade soap to the people on your shopping list!


Soap6a  pink end product

In keeping with my “because homemade is better” philosophy at “Burkhardt At Home, Made by Kim,” my soap is safe and nontoxic – even for people with sensitive skin.  A happy recipient of my soap, Paul Martinez of Vancouver, B.C., says, “This is the first soap I’ve ever used that doesn’t irritate my skin.”

When I set out to learn soap making, I had zero experience.  I checked out a how-to book from the library; I failed to learn from that first book that one should never use a metal bowl or metal utensils when mixing up anything that includes lye! Metal contact with lye creates a chemical reaction that can cause a heat-based explosion. I nearly blew up my kitchen and did succeed in mildly burning one of my hands.  Oops!  I refused to give up, though, and continued reading additional books and experimenting with various soap recipes until I came up with “my own variation of homemade soap” that I later learned is quite in keeping with millenias-old recipe known for centuries as Castilian soap. Each bar is approximately 5 – 6 ounce in size.

Now, thanks to my “experimental research” in soap making, you can now buy bars of soap made from scratch much like the millenias-old historic “Castilian Soap” tradition which you can read about here.   Sometimes, color-added soap is available, too!  Each batch is “set” for four to six weeks before shipping to give it time to be skin-friendly (I personally find that it ages very well, becoming nicer to use over several months!).  Every batch naturally has minor variations as it is handmade – no boring mass commercialization here!

My olive oil soap is also positive for the environment!  My olive oil soap contains none of the palm oil associated with deforestation sourcing techniques and which is often found in other soaps.

Quotes from people satisfied with my soap:

“This is the first soap I’ve ever used that doesn’t irritate my skin.”  Paul Martinez, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

“I like the soap’s soft texture…..It is the only hand soap I have used that make my hands feel clean and soft, not dry and stiff.”   H.C., Seattle, Washington, USA

I use what’s called the “cold process” method of “from scratch” soap making.  As a result, ordering more than a few bars at a time means the quaint “wait to receive” order policy resulting from genuinely home practice that can’t replicate factory mass production!.  Each bar is approximately 5 – 6 ounce in size, the truly homemade nature of my soap inherently involves minor variations in size.  Price: $4.30 per bar.  Order soap here.