We’ve been losing something as we’ve over-commercialized the products we buy:

  • Losing a broad knowledge of how to make products ourselves – from growing food, making our own clothing and housewares to being familiar with life’s natural rhythms.
  • Losing a sense of community that we often now have to seek more intentionally – that once came more readily through farmer’s markets, craft fairs, and the like.
  • While there’s a never-ending array of commercial product options available, we also often buy cookie-cutter duplicates of what is available on shelves….rather than then the individualized local products that used to be more available.
  • Too often, products are not as healthy as they used to be.

At “Burkhardt at Home, Made with Kim,” you can:

  1. Find genuinely homemade products for yourself and get homemade gift items for relatives, friends, co-workers, fellow volunteers.  Patchwork bedding, handcrafted soap, more to come.  Homemade is better!
  2. Learn about “getting back to basics” yourself (check out blog tips here).

Welcome to “my home.”  Find homemade items here for “your home” and the homes of people you know.  Follow my blog to learn how you – city dweller or country dweller – can learn home-made skills from the “city dweller learning country skills.”

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