About Burkhardt at Home

Soap6a Snoopy in comforter

Burkhardt at Home, Made with Kim offers handcrafted, personal-touch items as an alternative to the over-commercialization of retail shopping in today’s world.  

We want people to have products in their home they can feel good about.  Healthy.  Homemade.  Small-scale production supporting sustainable economics.

This customized business approach grew out of Kim’s city dweller decision to learn the “country skills” that are increasingly being forgotten in today’s modern economy.  This grew into making gifts for friends, followed by a recognition that the general public could also benefit with heirloom comforters, gentle vegan soap, and more.  

Burkhardt at Home, Made with Kim is based in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Thank you for contributing to the shop local style market by shopping with a micro business.  You are also invited to learn about Kim Burkhardt’s photography here.

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