Patchwork Fabric Products

Patching together beloved fabric memories for you to love and treasure!  

We all want to have things in our home that look great and feel good.  It’s also natural to protect treasured memories.  Patchwork fabric products are a fun way to achieve both!

Burkhardt at home offers two types of patchwork fabric items:

1) Homemade bedding – comforters, blankets, quilts

2) A custom-made product to be announced later in 2018


Every comforter and quilt we make is unique.  One of a kind.  The only time we’d ever make two (or more) comforters is alike would be when customers ask for matching comforters in family or friend “matching sets.”

comforter stack Snoopy in comforter

“Kim’s comforters” got their start when Kim considered her own desire for a patchwork comforter and decided to make herself one (shown  above).  She decided she’d also make one for the woman in County Wicklow, Ireland who owns the house Kim’s ancestors owned until 1913-14.  Sending a comforter to Kim’s great-grandfather’s childhood home felt perhaps even more gratifying than having a patchwork comforter of her own.

Now, you too can have a unique, “Made with Kim” comforter.  You have choices in the fabric decision.  You can send fabric you have – extra sewing fabric from a loved one, loved clothing you’d like to memorialize, etc. – or have me purchase patches of fabric.  When you have family fabric – such as material from a loved one’s sewing pile – sending me that fabric allows the material- and the memory of a loved one – to live on within your family.  Order here.




Unique, beautiful, colorful – a uniquely crafted coat you’ll want to have and want your relatives and friends to see!   Order here.