Why Choose Homemade with Burkhardt At Home?

Soap6a cropped-new-comforter.jpg pink end product

Getting back to life’s basics…..  Simplicity.


You get custom, homemade products when you shop with us.  You won’t find exactly the same thing anywhere else because – well – we’re the only place that makes things exactly the way we do.  Artisan.  Nothing is mass produced.   Nor do you ever get exactly the same thing twice (even our handcrafted soaps will naturally have minor variations from batch to batch!). We may opt to market and/or sell some of our products through third-party sites, but it all comes back to us – on a small, wholesome scale.

Shop for yourself, get fifts for friends, relatives, co-workers, acquaintances.

You get the option of unique, one-of-a-kind items:

  • HEIRLOOM FABRIC ITEMS, MADE BY HAND.  Perhaps you have remaining sewing fabric from a loved one you want to remember.  Send us the fabric to be custom sewn into quilts, comforters, etc.  Have one item made for yourself or have multiple items made for relatives as an heirloom way to remember your loved one.  A great way to honor a loved one and to celebrate holidays (gifts).  Also, as an alternative, you can send us hand-selected fabric you pick up at a store or have us purchase fabric for you.
  • HOMEMADE SOAP.  Homemade olive oil soap made from scratch in the historic down-through-the-millenia tradition of Castile soap. Gentle on skin!
  • MAKE SOMEONE FEEL SPECIAL.  Have one-of-a-kind items custom made for the people in your life.  Handmade is always welcome.
  • ONE OF A KIND.  One-of-a-kind gifts always stand out!



Our products are natural, handcrafted, and safe to use.  No factories or polutants.  We don’t test on animals.



Burkhardt at Home, Made with Kim is a micro-business, meaning we help diversify the economy with an inherently sustainable business model (manageable size, not debt-ridden).   Buying from small, domestic companies helps keep money in the domestic economy as discussed here.  It also keeps local skills and knowledge alive – necessary for a thriving community.  If larger firms disappeared, we’d need local companies to sustain our economy and provide what we need.  What’s not to love?