City Dweller Learning and Sharing Country Skills

Snoopy in comforter

I am an unabashed city dweller.  I like cities.  There are all kinds of things to enjoy about city life.

Unfortunately, the twentieth century saw a decrease in city dwellers learning what one today might call “country skills.”  How to make things from scratch (homemade).   How to take care of oneself if retail stores suddenly disappeared.   Not that every city person failed to learn any “from scratch” or “home made” skills, but on the whole we’ve become increasingly reliant on retail stores to provide us with the things that many folks used to make for themselves.

Several years ago, I resolved to start learning what I now call “country skills.”  Over time, I have – indeed – slowly taken up individual “country skills.”  Cooking more from scratch, growing vegetables, sewing, learning to make homemade soap.  Along the way, I broke a 40+-year-old sewing machine when I had a deadline for finishing a patchwork comforter that I was making for someone in Ireland and I nearly blew up my kitchen learning to make soap (there’s a trick to using lye, it turns out).  Okay, I wasn’t thrilled when I found out I couldn’t get replacement parts for the sewing machine (I now have a better sewing machine) and I took an emotional detour when I nearly blew up my kitchen.  More on those stories in future posts!

What I’ve learned along the way is that I enjoy using “country skills.”   I’m also justifiably proud of my MBA (master’s degree in business administration) and gratified with several “city successes” I’ve achieved (and keep my hand in there); there’s somehow compatibility between that and my enjoyment connecting with the natural rhythms that come with applying “country skills.”  Further, I and several people I know enjoy the “fruits of my country labors.”  Thus, my decision to make my “country skills” available by selling “country products” on this website and by sharing my experiences and acquired knowledge in this blog.   If this interests you, then – in the words of John Denver – take my blog invitation to “follow me where I go, what I do.”