City dweller, country skills: learning to make my own dresses

pattern2 pattern

I’ve grown tired of trying to find dresses I like in stores.  It’s so hit-or-miss…..and time consuming.   So, I’m using some left over quilting fabric to figure out several patterns for making my own.

I’ve got my first dress pattern “mostly right.”  Now, I just need to tweak it a bit (center the collar better, etc), but that’s a good use for leftover fabric.

I’ve also started visiting a local fabric store when I go out for walks to watch for fabric I like.   One of the clerks told me that they get new fabric every week.  So, when I see fabric I like I can buy it and make dresses I’ll like.  Woo hoo!


In future blog posts, I’ll continue sharing my experience about “city dweller learning and sharing country skills” topics such as working with fabric and sending a homemade comforter to the woman in Ireland who now owns the home my family owned until a century ago. If you appreciate my post about learning to make my own clothes, please read previous posts on other “city dweller, country skills” posts and check back for future posts about learning “country skills” in the city.  Also, you can check out homemade items I sell – patchwork comforters, homemade soap, etc. – on my website here.