Handcrafted faith items: stories, soaps, coats

Handcrafted products with Christianity in mind 

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“Soap so good it will cleanse your soul”

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Soap for religious historians:

The soap recipe I crafted is historic, with a twist of Catholicism woven in at one point (I discovered this here)!  I have an interest in medieval European religious perspectives, so creating Castilian olive oil soap that weaves back through time is wonderfully fun! If you’re a religious history buff, why not lather up with this historic soap?  Soap that will cleanse your soul!  Order here.



Easter Soap

Soap for the Resurrection

Resurrect your soap life….

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Christmas Soap

Trinity – three-fold batches of soap

Trinity – three bars of soap per order

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“Coats of Many Colors”

More soon about about a “coat of many colors.”